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From a one-page report to a full-blown technology solution - it's your call.            
Please, take a look at the list of services below, but do not hesitate contacting us even if you do not see what you need there – everything has to be done for the first time at some point.

Technology research and feasibility study:

   - Brainstorming

   - Sanity analysis – what can and cannot be done without violating the laws of physics

   - Technical risk assessment

   - Preliminary cost estimates

Conceptual development:

   - Setting realistic goals and balancing requirements

   - Structuring the solution, partitioning into subsystems 

   - Proof-of-concept prototyping 

   - Finding available technologies, components, and prospective development partners

   - Staffing and resource planning, scheduling estimates

Products and solutions development:

   - Core development in optics, mechanics, electronics and software

   - Modeling and simulation

   - Quality control, troubleshooting and problem tracking

   - Manufacturing optimization

Intellectual Property management: 

   - Existing IP research and analysis

   - New IP generation and protection